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Natural Ingredients for Noticeable Results

You probably have heard about CBD and its effect on pain, inflammation, anxiety.  Our Claybrook Farms staff has developed a hemp feed supplement for horses that includes an all-natural, but small list of ingredients:

  • ground hemp (high in CBD and low in THC),

  • flax seed (amino acids and oils to improve body condition)

  • dried molasses (improve flavor). 


We call it Trainers Secret CBD.  Our Claybrook Farms horses love it and benefit greatly from it.


About Us

Susan Taylor and Waino Pihl — Susan and Waino, who own Claybrook Farms, acquired some CBD from friends in Wisconsin to give it a try on a few horses with serious pain and health issues. The results that followed were eye opening.


A Quarter horse with anxiety --Trainers Secret CBD relaxed him enough to allow a cat to sit on his back.

A 1.4 jumper mare could hardly walk to her paddock. --Trainers Secret CBD restored her walk, trot and canter. 

5 Year Old gelding with anxiety and itchy skin--now calm and his coat grew back in.

13 Year Old with severe arthritis-- helped with her ability to walk.

14 Year Old with severe arthritis and joint pain--she can now climb stairs and get around.

21 Year Old Mutt with arthritis and joint pain--she can now go for walks.

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