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About Us

Trainers Secret Hemp CBD


Trainers Secret-CBD—For horses

We acquired some CBD from friends in Wisconsin to give to try on a few horses with serious pain and health issues

  • A long-term, healthy solution for arthritic horses


It proved successful, so we continued to experiment with other issues

  • Accelerate wound healing and minimize proud flesh

  • Swelling and inflammation

  • Anxiety & weight loss

  • Cataracts


Trainers Secret is a CBD supplement that has been field tested on a large, Michigan KWPN breeding and training farm (30+ horses) for over a year with real results.

  • Reduced arthritic pain a jumper mare that could hardly walk, but now can move freely—receives twice-a-day feedings with Trainers Secret

  • Relieved anxiety and improved gut health of two geldings and a mare that could not keep weight on—receive twice-a-day feedings of Trainers Secret

  • Relieved anxiety of two mares who were head shy, with poor stall manners

  • Reduced inflammation—horses with wounds, or swelling—rapidly healed


What is the secret?

  • Full spectrum CBD straight from the leaves and flowers. 

  • We dry, cure and grind, so you have a less expensive, but more natural and complete CBD

  • We grow the CBD hemp, dry and cure, grind the buds and leaves on our farm

  • We blend the ground hemp with natural ingredients (flax seed and dried molasses) to create a healthy and palatable supplement.

  • Not a weak CBD oil that comes from the seeds,

  • Not extraction that comes from the less CBD rich leaves

  • Not expensive distillate, where valuable CBD components are lost in extraction and distillation


Why should trainers and horse owners use it?

  • No artificial additive chemicals with long names

  • Contains things you know and understand—hemp, flaxseed and molasses

  • One of the most nutritious supplements available, but has the benefits of hemp CBD.

  • It really works and is not harmful to your horse, unlike Bute or artificial hormones to calm horse.

  • A good tool for training and helping your horse, so it can learn good habits without anxiety.

Trainers Secret--CBD produces real results; its safe and inexpensive to use daily

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