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Wilma (Whomanta B): KWPN Jumper Mare --Arthritis

Wilma is one of our older mares that has arthritic joints normally treated by “bute,” but “bute” cannot be given every day for months at time. Hemp has given back her mobility. (see video)


Streaker - Anxiety

Streaker was highly anxious, and distracted around other horses, or new places. 

After taking hemp he is calm and has increased his weight.


Cinder: 5 year old: gelding: Anxiety and Itchy Skin

Cinder is a young rescue horse who had anxiety and itchy skin. Hemp helped calm Cinder, and he itched less which allowed his coat to grow back.

Cirocco: KWPN Gelding-- Cataracts

The cataracts in his eye became less noticeable, and he has regained some eye sight after taking our hemp supplement.


Nolinde: KWPN Mare-- Watery Eyes

She had constant watery eyes, and limited sight. Since she has started hemp her eyes appear less watery, and she has became more aware and in charge of her pasture mates.


Old Lady: 21 years old: Mutt: Arthritis, joint/muscle pain

Old Lady has struggled with arthritis, joint stiffness, and muscle pain. Since she started hemp she is able to go on walks, and jump up on the couch all by herself.


Maddi :German Wirehaired Pointer :13 years old: Severe arthritis,  joint/muscle pain

Maddi suffers from severe arthritis, and joint and muscle pain. Walking was hard for her, and she wasn't able to go bird hunting with her owners. Since she has started hemp she is now back in the field and ready to go bird hunting.


Tori :English Setter: 14 years old: Severe arthritis, joint/muscle pain

Tori struggles with severe arthritis, and joint and muscle pain. It made it hard for her to walk up the stairs to get inside the house. Since she has started hemp she is now running around and can get up the stairs with ease.

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